Sample Library – Sound For Games

Sample Library


Volume 1 Volume 2
Reference Number Source Time (ms) Manipulation Usage
1 MAC 70 I changed the eq, made it smaller and added a bass amp to it. This was used as the introduction of the music to add a bit of suspense.
2 Mouse Click 110 I made the sound smaller and changed the eq, I also added a distortion to it. This was used as background sound affects, it might not be the biggest change but can make a nice difference overall.
3 Scanner 50 I added a DirMix effect to it and also changed the eq, I made it smaller as well as flexing it a small bit. This creates a futuristic sci fi sound which I really like and it adds to the emotion and affects of the sound.
4 Switch 80 I added a pshift and changed the eq as well as making it smaller. The switch is another really small sound bit makes a really nice change to the overall music,
5 Typing 40 I have added a DirMix again because I like what it does I also changed the eq. The typing was aimed to sound creepy/scary kind of like the noise a rattle snake would make.
6 Ruler 40 I changed the eq setting made the clip smaller and flexed it a tiny bit, I also added an expander to it. The ruler sound was aimed to sound like a spring which is did, the noise added fun and enjoyment to the overall music which s why I used it specifically.
7 Door I changed the size of the clip and the eq as well as adding a FAT eq to it. The door is a squeaky noise, which I tried to relate to a girl screaming, or a very creepy noise.
8 Lights I added an averb to this I also changed the eq The lights are a really small sound but make a huge difference to the overall music.
9 Tape I added an autofilter to this sound I also changed the size and eq. The tape was used as another small yet creepy noise throughout.
10 Tapping I added a distortion to this sound to improve the quality, I also changed the eq and size of the sound. The tapping was used to sound like a deep piano which will add suspense and intensity.

Sound For Games – Purchasing an Audio Production Workstation


High Budget- 3XS X99 Carbon Extreme SLI – £3880.85


The X99 Carbon Extreme SLI has the range topping 8-core Intel Core i7 5960X which is water-cooled and over clocked to 4.2GHz, however it has a pair of much more powerful 12GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan X graphics cards running together in SLI for even greater performance. The default spec also includes 16GB of 2800MHz Corsair Vengeance DDR4, an Asus X99-A motherboard, a 250GB Samsung 850 EVO SSD and a 2TB hard disk.

This would work wonders for many reasons and no matter what you are using it for, but it would work especially well when it comes to creating sound for games and using it in an audio workstation. One of which is that it would render and export the music much quicker compared to your standard computers, which will save much more time when it comes to making the music in the audio workstation.



Low Budget- Apple iMac – £899


The iMac would be a great computer to use at a audio workstation, its not the best computer out there, especially when compared to the high budget PC but it will get the job done, here is a list of some of the specs.

  • 4GHz dual-core Intel Core i5, Turbo Boost up to 2.7GHz
  • 8GB 1600MHz DDR3 SDRAM
  • 500GB Serial ATA Drive
  • Intel HD Graphics 5000

The main point is that the iMac will get the job done and another good reason to get an iMac is not just the low budget prices but also the fact that it can run Logic Pro which is a very popular and good software to use and design your very own music as well as when it comes to editing the sounds/music.

Hard Disk Storage-

High Budget- WD RE SAS 4TB Internal Hard Drive – £230.99

4tb hard disk storage

Western Digital WD4001FYYG RE Enterprise SAS hard drive combines a 32 MB cache with a SAS 6 Gb/s transfer rate and dual stage actuation for lightning-fast performance in demanding server and storage applications. Featuring technologically advanced acoustics to minimise noise, cool drive operation and enhanced reliability features to help protect the Western Digital WD4001FYYG RE hard drive and the data stored on it.

Hard Drive Statistics

  • Speed: 7200 rpm
  • Seek time: 5.5 ms avg
  • Cache: 32MB

Interface: SAS 6Gb/s (300MB/sec) NCQ

This would work great within the audio workstation mainly because I will be making so much musing that the hard disk storage would help out so much especially because its 4TB.


Low Budget- Toshiba Stor.E Plus 500GB HDD – £29.99

 500gb hard disk storage

Store data securely on the new STOR.E SLIM external hard drives. Its elegant slim and lightweight design makes it a perfect travel companion

Max. transfer rate: 5.0 Gbs

Capacities: 500GB

Power: USB bus power (max. 900mA)

Dimensions: 17 x 13 x 5

Capacity: 500GB

Colour: Black

Weight: 0.17kg

This is really good hard disk storage for a low budget audio station mainly because of its value, its really cheap and has 500gb storage, which will be so useful when it comes to making my sounds.




DVS/Blue-Ray Recorder-

High Budget- Panasonic DMRBWT740EB BluRay Recorder -£429.99

High budget blu ray recorder

This is a Panasonic Black smart 4k Blu Ray recorder which includes 1TB Hard disk storage this will be great when it comes to storing my finished music and sounds. It also comes with great wifi and two freeview HD tuners, which might come in handy at some point in time.



Low Budget- LG DP542H – £41

low budget blu ray recorder

This is a great recorder mainly because it works through a usb cable which will minimize the amount of wires within the entire work station it also goes up to 1080p which is great for only £41 and will save me a lot of money compared to the high end blu ray recorder which are currently available.


High Budget- Acapella Poseydon Speakers (Pair) – £169,500.00


At the price of a small house, the Acapella Poseidon are not for the faint-hearted or casual listener, and only for the true audiophile, who values sonic perfection above all else, and for whom there can be no compromises. Few speakers can truly invoke the power of a great orchestra – many can try, some can even come close. The Poseidon is a speaker that can transmit without limitation, the huge dynamics required to emulate an orchestra, yet with the pose and delicacy required to draw out every last molecule of detail and resolution.

The Poseidon are capable of authentic spatial representation on a level unrivalled by any other speaker. Depth, width and height of sound are portrayed tangibly in a seemingly holographic soundscape, surrounding the listener with audio, yet also presenting the image of real instrumentation, situated in its own space.

Low Budget- Sweex 2.0 Speaker – £10

low budget speakers

These speaker would work great in the audio workstation and they’re only £10 which is very cheap and at least it does its one and only job, it’ll be great to test out the sounds a music that will be made within the studio as I will be playing them over and over again repeatedly many times for many days, and if it break we can just replace because its so cheap which will help us save a lot of money and that will be very important when it comes to making an audio workstation.


High Budget- Waves Diamond V9 Native – £2,319.00–20951?gclid=CLL8pbXY0sUCFS-WtAod9icAfg

 high end music software


Waves Diamond Bundle native Features:

  • 35 processors: for total creativity and processing tour-de-force under one hood
  • Tools for EVERY application: tracking, mixing, mastering, sound design, audio restoration, creative
  • Choice of processing style: transparent, surgical, analog, vintage – every processing flavor you can wish for
  • Cost Effective: Pay less than Platinum + Restoration + Transform ; Have all the tools you need exactly when you need them.
  • Years of Research & Design excellence: doesn’t your audio deserve the best?
  • RTAS, AudioSuite, VST, DirectX, MAS, Audio Units.
  • 64-bit support
  • No iLok required
  • Easy activation to computer or USB flash drive
  • Move and manage your licenses via USB flash drive or License Cloud
  • One-click license recovery for lost or damaged devices


Low Budget- Logic Pro – FREE




What is Logic Pro

Logic Pro has an enormous collection of plug-ins and sounds to help you flesh out your ideas. Put a chord through the Arpeggiator and experiment with new sounds. Audition one of 1,800 Patches, instruments and effects for voice, bass lines, brass, strings, woodwinds and so much more. And explore a collection of more than 3,600 electronic and urban loops, covering everything from Hip Hop to Electro House, Dubstep, Modern R&B, Tech House, Deep House and Chillwave.

This will be great for my audio workstation as my low budget also consists of a MAC and logic pro comes free with a mac therefore I will be able to save a lot of money when it comes to the software which will enable me to put more money into other parts of the workstation.

MIDI Keyboard/Controller- 

High Budget- Razer Deathstalker Ultimate Elite Keyboard – £218


 razer deathstalker keyboard

This is a very advanced keyboard which you can see from the picture, it even has a screen on it which is not very common when it come to keyboard design, I chose this keyboard mainly because of how advanced it is, I also chose it partly because of the looks of the keyboard, I like the lights and the screen, at the end of the day the keyboard doesn’t really make a difference when it comes to creating music in a audio workstation.




Low Budget- Trust Classicline – £5.99

low budget keyboard

This is a great keyboard especially for how cheap it is which is great when it comes to creating a low budget audio station, its only £6 but at the end of the day it’s a keyboard and it will do the job and do what a keyboard is supposed to do, the keyboard doesn’t look the best and may not work the best but as long as it does the job it’ll be fine and will help me make great sounds and music within the low budget audio workstation.


Digital Audio Interface-


High Budget- SSL Nucleus Daw Controller – £3,299


 high budget digital interface

The SSL Nucleus DAW Controller and Audio Interface is designed to be the core of the modern professional studio set-up. The Nucleus DAW controller puts control back at the fingertips by providing two banks of 8 motorized faders, with dedicated mute and solo buttons, assignable pots and control buttons.

It will work wonders for my high budget audio work station and will allow me to create very high quality music and sound which will be very worth the month in the long term




Low Budget- Alesis IO Hub 2 – £59

 low budget audio interface 

Compact enough to put in you bag, the Alesis iO Hub is the idea audio interface for carrying around on your travels to set up and use whenever inspiration strikes. Plus, the iO Hub is bus powered—no power supply required. The standard Apple iPad camera connection kit can connect the iO Hub to other compatible devices.

This is a really easy and cheap way for me to edit my sounds and music and change the volume it is also very cheap which will help me out a lot when it comes to building the low budget audio workstation.




Cloud Storage Subscription-

High Budget- WD My Cloud DL4100 – £1,538

High Budget cloud

Built from the ground up with hardware, software and storage from WD, My Cloud Business Series DL4100 is a true all-in-one, high-performance NAS solution designed for small businesses. The fully integrated, easy to deploy system provides the reliability, security, and scalability needed to drive small business success.

This will allow me to store much more music and sounds when it comes to making them in my high budget audio workstation which will help me out so much as I wont have to worry about memory and how much space I have left whilst im making the sounds or music.

Low Budget- My Cloud 3TB – £83

low budget cloud

Finally, a cloud of your own – Save everything in one place and access it from anywhere with your PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet. Protect your files with automatic file backup for all your computers. And with direct file uploads from your mobile devices, all your important data is safely stored on your personal cloud.

This is another very cheap way for me to save and store my sounds and music, all though there are many just like it that are much cheaper, I chose this one because of the fact that it works on a MAC which is the computer that I will be using in the low budget audio workstation, this therefore helps me out so much and wont have to worry about storage shortage ever again.

Sound For Games – Console History and The Purpose Of Game Musicr

1ST Generation

Magnavox Odyssey –

  • Made By Magnavox
  • Released in 1972
  • It creates analog audio, which is sent to the antenna of the TV along with the composite video into an RF signal.


Odyssey 300-

  • Released in 1975
  • Made by Magnavox
  • Created analog audio sent through to the TV vie and atenna into an RF signal.

odyssey 300

I prefer the Odyssey 300 mainly because its has better hardware and I love the bright yellow design, which is why I would choose it over the Magnavox Odyssey.

2nd Generation

Atari 2600-

  • Made By Atari
  • Released in 1977
  • 2 channels of 1-bit monaural sound with 4-bit volume control



  • Made by Smiths Engineering
  • Released in 1979
  • For the sound it had a piezo beeper


If I had to choose one from the 2nd generation I would choose the Atari mainly because I love the design and colours as well as the hardware which is better than the microvision, it is also more popular which means there will be more games on it.

3rd Generation  

Famicom –

  • Made by Nintendo
  • Released in 1983 in Japan, 1985 in North America and 1986 in Europe
  • The Ricoh RP2C33, used by the Famicom Disk System, adds one extra sound channel with primitive wavetable, Produces waves using 64 × 64 custom wavetables with 33 volume settings. Although the latest FamiTracker version supports volume envelopes that go all the way up to 32, the volume column in the pattern editor will max out at 0x0F.1920px-NES-Console-Set

Master System-

  • Made By Sega
  • Released in 1986
  • Made to compete with Nintendos console.
  • Sound is provided by the SN76489 PSG chip.


I would pick the famicom mainly because it is made by Nintendo which means there will be lots more games and will be so much more popular.

4th Generation 

NEC Turbografx16-

  • Made by NEC
  • Released in 1987, 1989 in North America, 1990 in Europe
  • Each channel had a frequency of 111.87 kHz for single cycle of 32 samples (while not in D/A mode) with a bit depth of 5 bits. Each channel also was allotted 20 bytes (32×5 bits) of RAM for sample data.


Super Famicom-

  • Made by Nintendo
  • Released in 1990
  • The audio subsystem consists of an 8-bit Sony SPC700, a 16-bit DSP, 64 kB[e] of SRAM shared by the two chips, and a 64 byte boot ROM.

super famicom

If I had to choose one from the 4th generation it would have to be the Super Famicom mainly because its made by Nintendo and the hardware is much better.

5TH Generation  

Playstation 1-

  • Made by Sony
  • Released in 1994 in Japan, 1995 in North America and Europe
  • The PS1 was the first console to use a disk for both audio and video together, this allowed bigger audio and music to be used in games which made a better experience.


Atari Jaguar-

  • Released in 1993
  • Was the last Atari console
  • Made by Atari
  • CD quality sound, sound channels limited by software, full stereo capabities

atri jaguar

I would obviously choose the playstation 1 because of great hardware as well as great games like Crash Bandicoot.

6th Generation

Playstation 2-

  • Made by Sony
  • Released in Japan, North America and Europe in 2000
  • Still most successful console of all time
  • Audio: “SPU1+SPU2” (SPU1 is actually the CPU clocked at 8 MHz and SPU2 is PS1 SPU)
  • Sound Memory: 2 MB



  • Made by Nintendo
  • Released in 2001
  • Sound goest through its audio and input/output (I/O) processors.


I would choose the Playstation 2 over the Gamecube mainly because of amazing hardware for its generation, amazing games and because it is the most popular console in history so my friends will most likely have it too.

7th Generation  

Playstation 3-

  • Made by Sony
  • Released in Japan and North America in 2007 and Europe in 2007
  • First console to have blu ray


Xbox 360-

  • Made by Microsoft
  • Released in 2005
  • the audio is handled by the ATI Xenos

xbox 360

I would choose the Playstation 3 over the xbox 360 mainly because of the exclusive games like Uncharted which is one of my favourite games.

8th Generation  

Playstation 4-

  • Made by Sony
  • Released in North America and Europe in 2013 and Japan in 2014


Xbox One-

  • Made by Microsoft
  • Released in 2013
  • Supports 7.1 surround sound

xbox one

I would choose the PS4 over the xbox one because it has better hardware and software also I prefer the exclusive games overall.

The Purpose Of Game Music 

Action-   When it comes to action games and action music there are a lot of factors and elements that go along with it. The music must go with the gameplay, and must go with what’s going on like the story or certain scenes. My own definition of action games is a mixture of intense, fast paced gameplay that makes your heart beat faster and gets your blood pumping. Some other factors and elements are that when it comes to action the music is usually loud and other the top to go with the gameplay in those action-packed levels or scenes, this also adds to the entertainment value of the game and players will enjoy it much more. A good example of this is action games like Far Cry 3, this is a highly action packed and intense game with one of the best story’s I have played in a video game however, there is a certain mission where you have to burn large plantations of marijuana and the music that goes with it seems to make you so hyped and pumped it, its my favourite mission in the game and all time.


Suspense-   Suspense music goes great with scary games especially ones with a great story and those jump scares however, there are a few other elements that go into suspense music in videogames. My own definition of suspense or intense games is gaining a faster heart beat in games that scare you are the story makes you feel emotional, basically games that make you emotional with a weird feeling. As I said there are a lot of elements that go into making suspenseful videogame music, for example, it needs to get very intense at the very intense or scary parts in the game so the music has to be made around the game especially when it comes to music that’s just used for one level or a certain scene. A game that I have played which is really scary and intense is Outlast and is one of the scariest games I’ve ever played, it has a great story but one of the main factors that make the game so good is the music and the sound effects. When it comes to scary games like outlast the music can make a massive difference, having really intense music or sound effects in the right parts of the game can make the player 10x more scared.  


Intro Sequence– Intro music is very important and obviously comes at the very start of the game when you run it, all though it may not make much of a difference when it comes to the actual game and gameplay, it might just change your mood when you start the game or get you hyped up and excited to play the game. A game that has good intro music is Uncharted, they have used the theme tune in many uncharteds sometimes they have been chopped and changed. But what makes it so good is that it makes you happy to be playing the game again and can change your mood. The tune isn’t really intense or action type tunes however, it reminds yu about the game itself and what makes it unique as well as special. Uncharted is one of my favourite games and is a really good game, the intro music isn’t just used in the intro but is used in trailers in the game itself, on the menu etc. It is used many times.


Interactive Adaptive Music- When it comes to interactive music, which is when the music changes depending on your actions and success within the game, there are many games like this for example, guitar hero is a massive game and has sold many, worldwide. However, the game that I’ll be looking at is Rayman Legends. Within Rayman Legends there are some special music levels, which allow you play songs depending on how you do on the level. There are many different elements and factors that go into an interactive music game or level for example, the game has to be very fun for the players or else they would just simply not enjoy obviously this is a big factor when it comes to videogames anyway, another factor is that that game has to be challenging as well as rewarding, this will make players want o continue playing the game/level. I have played many different interactive music games that require you to perform actions like guitar hero or wii music, but the one that stands out for me is Rayman Legends because the music levels are just so fun to play and I enjoyed them so much.


Ineffective Game Music

This music is very ineffective mainly because it doesn’t suit the game and that the music is just terrible in general, its as if the developer had too much fun and started messing about on the keyboard, I chose this because i hated the music and I feel that it just ruins the gameplay and the feel of the game in general. The game is just a random online flash game that hasn’t had much effort put into, so you cant really expect the game music to be amazing, but it would have been better with no music at all.

Nyan Cat- The nyan cat theme music is known for its annoying and loud screeching sounds, its now used for a lot of memes around for internet and is laughed at everywhere, all though the game Nyan cat is actually popular and a lot of people enjoy it, the game music is just laughable.


Sonic The Hedgehog- This is another soundtrack, like nyan cat, thats is used all over the internet as pranks to annoy other people online, mainly because its also very annoying and loud. It can be very irritating as well as very annoying to the extent that you just want to knock yourself out, personally I do not like it and neither this al ot of other people.


Creating a Sound Effect Asset Library-  In this section of the post I will be discussing about the production process of creating sound effect libraries and the ways they are exported as well as how you can import them into Unity and trigger them to play inside of a game. So, the first thing I did was plan out what types of sounds i wanted to record, I decided to record 10 types each very different and unique in its own way, like mechanical sounds or natural.

After I went out to record all these sounds using an app on my phone, I got many sounds like cars, drills, scanner/printer I explored across the college to find a wide range of sounds. After I recorded all of these sounds I moved onto setting up the hardware and software environments, the software i used for all the samples was a software called Logic Pro, which is really good because it allows you to edit music and sounds in a wide variety of ways. I used this on a Mac which has really good hardware, im not sure what the specs are but they’re decent.

After importing all the sounds into Logic i then moved onto making my second volume, at the start of the project we got told to make 2 volumes, volume 1 and volume 2. In volume 1 we put the 10 original sounds in which are all unedited and not touched, in volume 2 we put all 10 sounds in and edited them and manipulated them. I did many things to these sounds when manipulating them for example, I would change the eq of the sound in order to make it sound better, for some I even changed the decibel and different points of the sound so it would get louder and quieter at different times this can add to suspense and tempo depending on the type of sound. Another thing i would do is stretch the sound and change the speeds, so by stretching I could make the sound slower and make it sound cool as well very weird.

I exported my files in MP3 because I feel this is the best and most widely used, there are many other file types that music and sound can be exported into, for example MP4 is a great one and is used a lot for videos as well as movies this is widely used as well. Another file type is Qiff which is used for Macs quicktime software which is used to watch the videos and movies on the MAC itself. They’re are many other file types that music can be exported to but these are some of the most known ones. After recording all the sounds, editing and exporting them I would then proceed to import it into my Unity project which would allow me to play different sound at certain points inside y game. For example if I wanted a sound effect to play every time I attack something or pickup something or do any kind of action I would code it so that sound effect plays when i do that action. I would do this by using a piece of code that tells the game to pay the sound at the point for example I could make it play a punch sound every time I press the punch button. Unity_3D_logo Editorshot

3D Modelling – Flash Gordon

Flash Gordon


 Comic Research-



Flash Gordon is a British Science film made in 1980 based on the comic strip Flash, which shares the same name, created by Alex Raymond. The film was directed by Mike Hodges, produced by Dino De Laurentiis, screenplay by Lorenzo Semple Jr, story by Michael Allin and the famous music was made by rock band queen. The film was distributed by Universal Pictures and was released on December 5th 1980, the film lasted for a total of 115 minutes and was made with a budget of $20 million. The film in total grossed well above its $20m budget grossing $27m in North America and £14m in United Kingdom, overall it performed very well in the UK, it also performed well in Italy because of 2 famous Italian actors who took part in the film. Finally, the film was nominated and won many awards for example, it was nominated for 3 BAFTA’s and 3 Saturn awards it was also nominated for the 1st Golden Raspberry award however the award was for worst actor, which went to Sam J Jones.


Flash Gordon had a lot of qualities within the film for example it was recognized really well for its music, even today the music is still famous known especially with films such as TED including Flash within certain

Scenes of their film. The music was made by rock band Queen that obviously is massive. Another quality that people recognised really well when they thought of Flash Gordon was the costume that he wore, it was very well recognised at the time, it was nominated for 2 best costume awards and a best art design award so obviously it was well known for its costumes and artwork.


The directors, publishers and producers had many intentions when making the film however, the main intention was obviously to deliver a successful entertaining experience like the comic books did for people all around the world. They also intended to deliver an intense and action packed film just like the comics with a lot of violence. The target audience of the film was for mainly teenagers and maybe adults, however, the film could be enjoyed by a much wider audience which is evident with its millions of people who paid to watch the film.


What We Are Developing-

As a group we decided to make 5 scenes from the comic book Flash Gordon, we decided we would make these scenes by  combining both 3D and 2D by using a variety of sources and programs and using research to aid us in the process of developing.

The 5 scenes we are designing are…

Games Design – Vikings

Colour Blindness-

What is colour blindness?

Colour blindness affects approximately 1 in 12 men and in 1 in 200 women in the world. That means there are about 2.7 million colour blind people in Britain alone. There is a wide range of causes of colour blindness. For most people with deficient colour vision the condition is genetic and has been inherited from their mother however, some people become colour blind as a result of other diseases such as diabetes or they get the condition over time due to aging process and medication.

What types of colour blindness are there?

There are many types of colour blindness an example of a couple are Tritanopia and Deuteranopia. The most common form of colour blindness is known as red/green colour blindness and most colour blind people suffer from it. Some other forms of colour blindness mix up all the colours of the spectrum not just red and green like the previous one I mentioned.  The effects of colour vision deficiency can be mild, moderate or severe, for example, approximately 40% of colour blind children leave secondary school unaware that they are colour blind whilst 60% of sufferers experience many problems in everyday life.  

How does colour blindness effect gamers?

Colour blindness can cause a wide range of problems for gamers for example, a classic problem in multiplayer games is recognising your teammates and enemies because your teammates name shows up in green and enemies’ names show up in red, this is genuinely the same across lots of games. Because red/green colour blindness is the most common this can become a big problem in games.  

How have games combated this condition?

There are many examples of game developers that have tried to combat the problem when it came to developing their games, here are 5 examples and methods taken…  

Call Of Duty- This is a classic example, as I mentioned earlier in a lot of multiplayer games there is a struggle for colour blind people to recognise their teammates and enemies because of their red/green colour blind condition. However, Call Of duty have a setting option called colour blind assist, which changes the colour of the teammates to light blue and the enemies to orange, this became a massive help to colour blind people who played the game.  

World Of Tanks- This game also has a colour blind mode allowing you to identify the difference between friendly and enemy tanks, this makes a massive difference when it comes to colour blind people playing the game.  

Battlefield- Like most games this also allows you to tell the difference when comes to recognising teammates and enemies this again became a great help for colour blind people that played Battlefield.  

GTA 5- Rockstar did a very clever thing when maing in their game, instead of using colour coded circles to represent the place and missions etc like Burnout Paradise they used icons, for example it would have flags for a race and a house for a safe house, these helped colour blind gamers massively.  

Peggle- This game was developed by an indie company and has a colour blind mode which became a massive help to colour blind players. The colour blind mode makes the game much more vibrant and adds symbols to certain objects.

What elements from these examples would I implement in my game?

When it comes to designing my game I would definitely add a colour blind mode or just make the game based around colour blind people from scratch. For example, like the idea that rockstar implemented into GTA 5, I would use symbols and not colour code keys in my game which would help out colour blind people so much, I would also not use red and green for friendly and enemy characters, for example the health bar of an enemy as well as their name.

Culture Research

Why have you chosen your culture?

For my culture I chose the Vikings, I chose this because I think it will be very interesting to research and create, it’s a culture I don’t have much knowledge about but has always intrigued me so this is a great time to learn more about it.  

What is it about this culture you feel will work well in the style of the game you are making?

I feel that this culture will work well because its based in northern Europe countries so the environment will be good to make like snow or rain. Its in place like Norway and Sweden, I also like the way the Viking people dress and the Viking warriors armour and helmet are very unique in my opinion. The Vikings were known for being very hard and strong people who for a large part of time had control of a lot of Northern Europe, I also like the design of Viking boats and ships. Research into significant event It’s the year 793 and Ancient Viking Raiders of the middle ages raid England for the first time, the monastery of ST Cuthbert at Lindisfarne is sacked.

My Game Story

Background Story

It is the year 793 AD and the Vikings are invading a lot of Northern Europe. After they have invaded and settled in countries like Iceland, Ukraine, Russia, Faroe Islands, Ireland and Scotland, they move on to invade the rest of Britain.


The Ancient Viking Raiders of the middle ages raid England for the first time from Scotland, they raid the Castle or Monastery at Lindisfarne, which is in the north east of England, and continue to raid small towns and villages across the coast of England.


As a Viking soldier the general has ordered you to invade more towns and villages of the North East coast of England, however, the English managed to hold them of and kill most of the Viking soldiers causing the commander to retreat the army back to Lindisfarne castle in the far North East. However, you have been left behind by your fellow Vikings and are on your own in a forest near Lindisfarne in freezing cold conditions with no armour or weapons. In order to survive you must find your way back to the Lindisfarne castle as quick as possible without dying using clues to make you way there and torches to warm you up before you freeze to death.


You find your way back to Lindisfarne castle and have survived those freezing winter conditions you are now able to get some rest, food, water and regroup with your fellow Vikings ready for another battle.  

Mood Boards-

I have made 2 mood boards one for the design of the vikings for example, how their buildings looks or their ships and boats. The other mood board I made was for viking characters like warriors and soldiers or just a general citizenin a viking country.


This is my mood board for viking design


This is my moodboard for viking characters

My Game Story

Background Story

It is the year 793 AD and the Vikings are invading a lot of Northern Europe. After they have invaded and settled in countries like Iceland, Ukraine, Russia, Faroe Islands, Ireland and Scotland, they move on to invade the rest of Britain.


The Ancient Viking Raiders of the middle ages raid England for the first time from Scotland, they raid the Castle or Monastery at Lindisfarne, which is in the north east of England, and continue to raid small towns and villages across the coast of England.


As a Viking soldier the general has ordered you to invade more towns and villages of the North East coast of England, however, the English managed to hold them of and kill most of the Viking soldiers causing the commander to retreat the army back to Lindisfarne castle in the far North East. However, you have been left behind by your fellow Vikings and are on your own in a forest near Lindisfarne in freezing cold conditions with no armour or weapons. In order to survive you must find your way back to the Lindisfarne castle as quick as possible without dying using clues to make you way there and torches to warm you up before you freeze to death.

End You find your way back to Lindisfarne castle and have survived those freezing winter conditions you are now able to get some rest, food, water and regroup with your fellow Vikings ready for another battle.

Game Flow Diagram


Start Screen-

For the start screen I am thinking about having the general environment in the background, because my environment is set in the winter of North West England, where there’s a lot of snow everywhere in a forest in the middle of nowhere. I’m thinking about having lots of trees in the background and it’s snowing a lot. I chose to do this because it gives the player an idea of where the game takes place and lets them know what they can expect for the rest of the game or level. Also the background will not just be a still image, it will be in the game so it will actually be snowing in the background so you can see the snow falling down.

Asset list-

  • Trees
  • Grass
  • Terrain
  • Snow
  • Viking Helmet

uncharted 3 main menu

Background Story-

Once you go from the main menu to the start of the game there will be a small intro telling you about the story is, it will just run through the basic of the background story like where it takes place, what year, what’s happening just to give the player a general idea about the world and the story that’s he’s interacting with. Without this the player would be a little bit confused about what’s going and what’s happened. This is why this is one of the most important parts because it allows the player to dive into a virtual reality.

Asset List-

  • Scroll
  • Description Of Story
  • Environment in background (Trees. Grass, terrain, etc)

skyrim note:letter

Overall Game Environment

The environment in game will be very similar to the background as the background is taken within the game itself. So the in-game environment will be set an isolated forest within the North West of England where it’s winter and its full of snow. I also plan to have some Viking armour just laying in the ground like a Viking helmet because all the Vikings got fought off by the English and had to retreat back to the castle they invaded and captured earlier.

Asset List-

  • Trees
  • Terrain
  • Grass
  • Bushes
  • Viking Helmet
  • Viking Armour
  • Weapons
  • Snow

skyrim 1 skyrim 2 skyrim 3

Mission Intro

The mission intro will include a wide variety of assests and environments within my game, for example, when the game starts and your about to start playing, a note will come up that your character picked up from the ground saying something like “you have been left behind by your fellow Viking army, find you way back to the castle before you freeze to death! Use torches and shelter to warm you up be for you pass out, and find clues to help you get your way back to the castle! Good luck!” This is good because it give you a clear and brief description of your objectives within the game and how to survive.

Asset List-

  • Environment
  • The note
  • Grass
  • Trees
  • Character

Clues 1-5

Each of my clues will be hidden in some kind of chest or box, the clues will be written on a old fashioned paper scroll and its quite ripped and torn apart, each clue will tell you how to the castle for example “head to the river” or “follow the dirt path” there will be 5 clues in total within the game which will help you find your way back to the castle and complete the game.

Asset List-

  • Paper scrolls
  • Chests/boxes
  • GUI

old note note 2

End Game

Once you find you way back to the castle you will enter the main door and the win screen will appear saying something along the lines of “Congratulations, you have found your way back to the castle”

Asset List-

  • Win Screen
  • GUI
  • Castle
  • Environment

win screenwin screen 2 win screen 3



Picture 29

I decided to start of with a basic tower when I started making the castle, I will be using 5 of these within the whole model which is the main reason I decided to start of with this first. I made this tower by starting with a cylinder and selecting certain faces at the top, I then used the extrude tool on these faces and extruded them out to the right size.

Picture 30

Next, I moved on to the main wall of the castle, I will be using this 4 times within the whole finished model, I simply made this by starting with a cube and extruding them out of the sides and extruded the top tower up, I then extruded the faces up at the top of the castle to create the barriers at the top of the wall.

Picture 31

After I finished the walls and towers I decided to move onto the the main tower of defense in the middle of the whole castle, I made the  tower by using the one I previously made and just simply made it larger, I made the walls by selecting faces on the middle tower and extruding them out.

Picture 32

This is the finished model of the castle, I feel that I did d a decent job, however, I could have maybe put a little bit more detail into it which is something I would consider next time.


Hay Bale-

Picture 33

I started of with a simple cylinder, I then cHanged the width and height of the object by using the resize tool.

Picture 34

After I made the model I then moved onto texture it, I found a hay texture and a separate one for the end, I then added it on with the help of the planar mapping tool.

Wooden Barrel-

Picture 35

I made the main shape of the barrel by simply putting in a cylinder and using the deformation curve and flare tool to bend the ends of the barrel to make it more like a barrel shape.

Picture 36






3D Modelling – Dinosaurs

3D Graphics Research

Jurassic Park (1993)-  

Quality– The film Jurassic Park is a very famous film especially because of its CGI, the film had many outstanding qualities. For example, the dinosaurs in the film look very realistic this is because they actually made the dinosaurs. Another factor that is great about this film in my opinion is that the movement and animation of the dinosaurs is very smooth and it flows well the environment. You can tell that the studio who made this film put a lot of time and effort into researching and learning about dinosaurs in order to help improve the film when it comes to the modelling and animating of the dinosaurs.

Context- The film was made on the 19th of June 1993, it was made in Washington DC by a director called Steven Spielberg in fact, he directed all of the Jurassic Park films. In the end the film took $63 million, which is a lot of money especially for the time it was made as back then 3D graphics and CGI were just being introduced into film. The graphics were made by using programs such as PowerAnimator and Animator also referred to as simply alias which is in fact the precursor to what is now Maya and StudioTools this was a highly integrated industrial animation, 3D modelling and visual effects suite.

Intentions- Jurassic Park had a wide target audience, it was specifically made for one type of person, it was mainly made for teenagers to adults however, children could watch the film but it may not necessarily be suitable for some children. They also intended to make a very entertaining film for every type of person to enjoy and experience the very realistic film it is.


Walking With Dinosaurs (1999)

Quality– The film Walking With Dinosaurs has a lot of qualities to it, for example, the dinosaurs are very realistic with very good textures and models, the texture and environment adds an intense and realistic feel to the movie and gives you the sense that you are actually walking with dinosaurs.

Context- The genre of this film is that it is a documentary it was created by Tim Haines and directed by Tim Haines and Jasper James. The creative director was Mike Milne. The film was made in the United Kingdom. There is a wide variety of dinosaurs throughout this film for example, there were dinosaurs like Tyrannosaurus Rex, Utahraptor, Torosaurus and many more.

Intensions– The film intended to show the public what it would be like if you could go back In time and walk with dinosaurs, they intended to explore all of the different habitats throughout the dinosaur period and explore the wide range of dinosaurs that have been discovered over time. It was filmed in many different countries in order to capture all of the different environments and habitats for all of the dinosaurs.


King Kong (1933)

Quality- The film King Kong was made in 1933 so when it came to graphics and animation it obviously wasn’t the best because computers were not invented at the time, so the film was made by using a real life model of an ape and the real models were moved frame by frame, this is also known as stop animation. But obviously at the time this was revolutionary.  

Context- The film was directed by a man named Merian C. Cooper who also produced the film. Cooper had many other ideas before the film was finally created including both documentaries and dramas. The film made a lot of money because at the time it was very hard and expensive to find animals, as zoo’s back then were not as popular or common also there wasn’t as many animals in zoo’s back then. Therefore, having animals in your movie attracted a very large audience as there was a big market for it where you could earn a lot of money.

Intentions– The film was made with a target audience of adults who may or may not have been ready for the meta fictional meditations and they wanted to show that and ape can fall in love with a woman.


King Kong (2005)  

QualityThe new King Kong film was made in 2005 and in terms of its quality it was miles ahead of the original king kong that was made in 1933, this is because of the massive leap in technology especially within the entertainment industry. King Kong is now a fully animated model and was very detailed as well as realistic. Also King Kong wasn’t the only realistic beat there was many more different creatures that were beautifully animated and all very realistic. The film followed the same story as the 1933 version but captured in beautiful picture.

Context- King Kong was directed and co written as well as produced by Peter Jackson, its stars many actors like Jack Black, Adrien Bordy and Andy Serkis. The film at the start performed lower than expectations however, after a while it started to gain a massive profit after a while and gained a $100 million from DVD’s alone, overall it turned over $500 million and became the 4th biggest selling game of all time in Universal Pictures and won many awards, so overall the film was a massive success.

Intentions– King Kong was directed by someone who was very passionate about the film, Peter Jackson watched the film when he was 12 years old in 1933 and loved it in fact it made him cry, he tried to re-create the film at home but eventually gave up so he was very passionate about the film. He intended to share the same experience however for the modern day public to enjoy with modern day technology which would make the film a much better experience than it was in 1933.


ToyStory (1995)

Quality- The 3D graphics within Toy Story are very good, especially for the time the first one was made, they focused to make the graphics cartoony and therefore did not focus on realism and trying to make the characters realistic, this film really created a revolution within the movie industry and created a better future for film. Rex the dinosaur is a very simple character as he is only a toy dinosaur so realism was not a problem when making Rex. Also, I feel that Rex has a very good texture and you can really see the scales on his reptile-like skin making the character look much more detailed.

Context- The film Toy Story was released in the year 1995 and became the first fully animated movie of all-time. The film cost $30m to make however, it made over $361m and it was also the top-grossing film on the opening weekend. It had lots of famous and well-known actors most notably Tom Hanks.

Intentions- The film intended to change the film industry and make people believe fully animated movies are possible and change people conceptions about movies and the movie industry, on top of that there was also make a big profit and gain lost of money. The intended target audience was adults and teenagers, they intended to make the film enjoyable and intense for both children and adults.


Ice Age Dawn Of Dinosaurs

Quality- Ice age movies have always been a huge success and dawn of the dinosaurs was no different, the film has great 3D graphics and animations. The film has great colour to it and is very vibrant, it has a lot of warm colours unlike the usual cold gray colours. This is because its moved to a more warm and sunny climate in the age of dinosaurs.

Content- Ice age dawn of the dinosaurs was directed by Carlos Saldanha and Mike Thurmeier who was the co-director. It was produced by Jason Carter Eaton, the movie was released on July 1st 2009 and the movie lasted 94 minutes long. Ice age dawn of dinosaurs cost a total of $90m to make and turned over a box office of $886,686,817

Intentions- The producers decided to go with a ‘what if adventure’ and take a bit of a risk or a dive with the third instalment of the ice age series which has proven to be very successful in the past.


Journey To The Centre Of Earth 

Qualities– Journey To The Centre Of The Earth is a 3D science adventure fantasy film and has great 3D, the film is actually filmed in real life except for the dinosaurs and other creatures and the environment. The film is directed by Eric Brevig and produced by Beau Flynn and Charlotte Huggins.

Content– Journey To The Centre Of The Earth began filming in 2006 the film grossed a total of $21m and in its first week it made a total of $7m, it also had very strong DVD sales. It made a total revenue of about $25m and overall the film was a great success.

Intentions- The makers of the film intended to show the world their skills when it came to 3D graphics and aimed to produce an entertaining and enjoyable all-round film. Obviously a main-intention was to make money and make a massive profit from the film once it got released.

220px-Center_of_the_earth_3d JCE03

Why I chose my dinosaur

Through plenty of research on the internet and using other sources like the library and books I have decided for this project I have chosen a dinosaur called Hylaeosaurus, I chose this dinosaur because it looks very interesting and I love the way it looks, I think it will give me a good challenge when it comes to modelling it in Maya which is great for improving my 3D Modelling skills. I love how the dinosaur has tooth like spikes all over its back which in my opinion makes it look much more lethal and scary. Because of the research that I found out using the internet and many websites like national history museum I found out a lot of interesting information about the Hylaesaurus, for example, the Hylaesaurus is 5m in length which is reasonably big, and it is predicted to have lived about 135-150 million years ago also, it was founded in England, United Kingdom by someone called Richard Owen in 1841 it was one of the 3 fossils identified as dinosaurs by him. Overall, I think this is a great choice and an amazing decision I am also looking really forward to modelling this dinosaur and hopefully all goes well.

Hylaesaurus Research

After choosing the Hylaesaurus as my chosen dinosaur for this project and started to do some research using the internet about the unique dinosaur to find out more information about the dinosaur itself so when it comes to modelling and drawing the dinosaur I would have a better understand of the Hylaesaurus therefore it will improve the quality of the model overall. The Hylaesaurus was one of the first dinosaurs ever discovered it was founded in the 1832 in England by Gideon Mantell and Richard Owen, the dinosaur is thought to have lived about 136 million years ago in the late Valangininan stage of the early Cretaceous period of England. It was first discovered in West Sussex on 20 July 1832 after a gunpowder explosion had demolished a quarry rock face in Tilgate Forest in which several of the boulders contained bones in. A local fossil collector assembled about 50 pieces, someone called William Clift was the first to discover that it had spikes on its back as part of its body armour.


Tools and terminology used

Extrude- This tool is used to grab one face and extend it out of its original shape creating an extension as well as bridges between the original face and the new face. 

Insert Edge Loop- This tool is used to insert extra edges onto a shape, this is used because adding more edges to a polygon will increase the many ways you can edit and change the shape itself. 

Vertex Move- By going into side view this allowed me to grab certain vertexes and maneuver them into a positions so it looks exactly like the images on the view board thats been imported into Maya.

Smooth Tool- This tool is used to smooth out all polygons making the model look much better, for example if you get a normal cube and smooth it out it will basically turn into a sphere. 

Scale Tool- Allows you to scale different objects which allows you to change the size, width, height etc. 


Picture 1

After I have imported my drawing of the dinosaur into Maya, I would them proceed to model over the picture which is what you can see on the image above. I started out as a simple cube then used the vertexes and dragged them into the shape and position of the drawing of the dinosaur.

Picture 2

This is what my dinosaur looked like after I had finished modeling over the side view of the dinosaur, after this stage I would then proceed to start work on the face and the top etc. I would do this because I need to make the model look just like the model.

3D Modeling – The Seven Wonders Of The Ancient World

The seven wonders of the ancient world are:

  • The Pyramid of Khufu at Giza
  • The Temple of Artemis at Ephesus
  • Statue of Zeus at Olympia
  • The Colossus of Rhodes
  • The Hanging Gardens of Babylon
  • The Lighthouse of Alexandria
  • The Mausoleum of Maussollos at Halicarnassus

Researching The Seven Wonders

The Pyramid of Khufu at Giza-

Pyramid of giza 2 Pyramid of giza Pyramid of giza 3 Pyramid of Giza 4 Pyramid of Giza 5

1. How would you describe the wonder?

I would describe the wonder as a gigantic pyramid in the middle of a desert that was made many many years ago and is now open for thousands of tourists all year round.

2. What condition is the wonder in today?

The pyramid is still in decent condition today despite how long it’s been around, some of the corners of the pyramid are a little bit destroyed and there are a lot of dents in some areas of the pyramid but this could be because of something as simple as environmental issues or even tourists. But overall the pyramids are in pretty decent condition.

3. How would it have looked differently in the past?

Originally, the pyramids would have looked much smoother and sharper however as I have explained in the previous question this has changed due to many factors. Also, according to many various sources the pyramids were originally white and were meant to reflect the sun’s rays, they did this by using limestone blocks which has been proven however, the limestone is now missing because a lot of it got cut away and used for a wide variety of reasons like building mosques.

4. Who built the wonder and why?

It is known across the whole world that Egyptians slaves built the pyramids for various pharaohs. All though it is thought that thousands of slaves built the pyramids no one knows for sure why the Egyptians built these pyramids and what for. There are many theories ranging power to aliens.

5. Where and when was the wonder built? How was the wonder destroyed?

The pyramids were built around 2500 B.C and were built in Egypt mainly near the capital Cairo and the wonder has not been destroyed yet but as I mentioned in some of the previous question the wonder has been ruined and changed due to lots of reasons like the environment.

6. What is your opinion of the original design?

My opinion of the original design is that its amazing and im very impressed that at that time humans were capable of building such structures, especially when the original design was made from limestone to allow the sun’s rays to reflect. I find it truly amazing and beautiful.

The temple of Artemis at Ephesus-

temple of artemis 2 temple o artemis 4 temple of artemis 6 temple of artemis 5 Temple of artemis 3

1. How would you describe the wonder?

I would describe the wonder as a big, beautiful and mythical structure in the middle of a lovely landscape.

2. What condition is the wonder in today?

Today the wonder is in very bad condition compared to how it used to look. It is no longer the same colour as it used to be it is more of a brown than a white. Also the roof is now missing and there only a few pillars left as you can see in the picture above. There are many reasons for what has happened to the wonder like environmental reasons and tourism as well as just changes over time from different groups of people.

3. How would it have looked differently in the past?

Originally, the wonder would’ve been a nice, bright, shiny white and it would have also had a roof as well as a floor leading onto paths which then lead onto various other structures within the area. As explained in the question above it has changed due to many reasons throughout time.

4. Who built the wonder and why?

The temple of Artemis was built to honour Artemis who was one of the three maiden goddesses of Olympus. The temple was built in Ephesus which is today called Selcuk which is in Turkey. Artemis was an Olympian God, the daughter of Zeus and Leto.

5. Where and when was the wonder built? How was the wonder destroyed?

The wonder was built in Selcuk, Turkey which at the time of the structure being built was known as Ephesus. It was built in approximately 800 BC and the wonder has been destroyed 3 times in its history due to fire, flood and mob each time it has been rebuilt bigger and even more beautiful than before.

6. What is your opinion of the original design?

My thoughts on the original design of the structure is that it it really beautiful and amazing especially for how old it is, and it was also built to worship and honor a greek god which is a topic I find truly interesting.

The Statue of Zeus at Olympia-

statue of zeus 5 statue of zeus 4 Zeusstatue in Olympia /H.Leutemann - Statue of Zeus in Olympia / H. Leutemann - statue of zeus 2 statue of zeus 1

1. How would you describe the wonder?

I would describe the wonder as a huge golden statue of the beautiful mythical Greek God known as Zeus, the statue also seems to be like 10x bigger compared to the people looking at the statue as you can see in some of the pictures above.

2. What condition is the wonder in today?

The wonder has been completely destroyed however, there are plenty of remakes that are identical to the statue but just resized. of course it will never come close to what the original looked like.

3. How would it have looked differently in the past?

In the past, if I were to be standing in front of the wonder It would be so big compared to me also it would have been made from gold meaning it was probably very shiny. Also in the past the statue would at least be standing not destroyed like today, the statue was probably in some sort of temple too which just adds to hows amazing the architecture work is.

4. Who built it and why?

The statue of zeus was created by a sculptor called Phidias, the statue was built to honour Zeus who was considered the king of the greek gods, it was placed in a temple at Olympia which is also where the Olympic Games took place every four years.

5. Where and when was the wonder built? How was the wonder destroyed?

The statue of Zeus was built in a temple at Olympia and was built from 430 BC to 422 BC so in total it took Phidias 12 years to complete the statue. The statue of Zeus was destroyed in a fire in the fifth century A.D and there were no copies ever found. All the details of the stature that have been found have come from depictions on coins and ancient Greek descriptions.

6. What is your opinion of the original design?

My opinion of the original design is that it is truly amazing that one person known as Phidias sculpted the statue in honour of Zeus the king of Greek Gods. I also find it fascinating how big the sculpture was its been said that if the statue of Zeus were to stand up his head would go through the roof of the temple. The statue of Zeus is said to be approximately 42 feet tall.

The Colossus of Rhodes-

Colossus of Rhodes 1 colossus of rhodes 2 colossus of rhodes 3 colossus of rhodes 4 Colossus of rhodes 5

1. How would you describe the wonder?

I would describe the wonder as being a very unusual statue that is used to let boats pass the harbour, It is a great structure and is something very unique and special. When you are in a boat you sail underneath the legs of the statue as if it was a bridge.

2. What condition is the wonder in today?

Today the wonder is no longer here however, there have been multiple models that have been built over the years by other artists/sculptors but of course, they are not as good as the original. There are also a lot of drawings and paintings from all around the word as the wonder is very famous.

3. How would it have looked differently in the past?

In the past the wonder would have been standing there which is the main difference also, the wonder would be much bigger compared to all the models that were made after it and have much more colour and detail than what people think.

4. Who built the wonder and why?

The wonder was built by the ancient Greeks, and was built because the Rhodians decided to express their pride after winning a battle, the statue is of their favourite god Helios. Overall the structure took 12 years to build.

5. Where and when was the wonder built?

How was the wonder destroyed? The wonder was built in Ancient Greece, from 304 to 292 BC. So it took 12 years to make overall. However, the wonder was destroyed around 226 BC due to a big earthquake that hit the area.

6. What is your opinion of the original design?

In my opinion the original design is very impressive because of how big and detailed it is especially because of the time it was made. And I love how it lets boats pass through underneath the legs. Another thing I like about it is that it took 12 years to make which is very impressive because it shows they the sculptor in a lot of time and effort to make it.

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon-

Hanging gardens of babylon 1 hanging gardens of babylon 2 hanging gardens of babylon 3 hanging gardens of babylon 5 hanging gardens of babylon 4

1. How would you describe the wonder?

The wonder is a rich, wealthy and beautiful area full of plants and life, the building have a lot of gold and has small rivers running through it with lots of plants growing around the building.

2. What condition is the wonder in today?

The hanging gardens of Babylon are now destroyed and the area where it once was is still currently unknown, there are plenty of theories to support predicted places of where it once was however, it still has not been proven.

3. How would it have looked differently in the past?

In the past the hanging gardens of Babylon would’ve been full of life with lots of water, plants and people who are getting on with their daily lives. Also in the past the hanging garden of Babylon would still be alive and not destroyed over time so it’s hard to know for sure what it was like in the past.

4. Who built the wonder and why?

The wonder was supposedly built by the Babylonians and was built because it was a palace for their king Sennacherib.

5. Where and when was the wonder built? How was the wonder destroyed?

The wonder has been said to have been built in the ancient city of Babylon in Iraq, and was destroyed over time for many reasons like environmental issues, however there is no hardcore evidence to support all the theories.

6. What is your opinion of the original design?

From all the paintings and pictures I have seen on the internet the hanging gardens of Babylon looks really good, I honestly believe that people today would struggle to re-create it .

The Lighthouse of Alexandria-

lighthouse of alexandria 2 Lighthouse of alexandria 1 lighthouse of alexandria 3 lighthouse of alexandria 4 lighthouse of alexandria 5

1. How would you describe the wonder?

I would describe the wonder as a very tall olden lighthouse that has amazing architecture and structure, the whole lighthouse is a beautiful clean white that shines from far away.

2. What condition is the wonder in today?

Today the lighthouse no longer exists as it was destroyed for many reasons, however, a lot of replicas have been built since and is still seen as a very popular wonder today.

3. How would it have looked differently in the past?

In the past the lighthouse would have looked differently in many ways when it was standing, it would have looked very white and modern for its time as well as the size of the lighthouse would’ve been massive for the time.

4. Who built the wonder and why?

The wonder was built by the Egyptians to guide trade ships into the busy harbour of Alexandria, Egypt.

5. Where and when was the wonder built?

How was the wonder destroyed? The Lighthouse was built on a small Island known as Pharos. The construction of the lighthouse started in 290 B.C and took a total of 20 years to complete. The wonder was destroyed due to several earthquakes and became an abandoned ruin.

6. What is your opinion on the original design?

In my opinion the original design is very nice especially considering the time it was built and the scale of the structure, I love how its built on a very small island and it’s the only thing on the island which makes it very unique and unusual. The

Mausoleum Of Mausollos At Halicarnassus-

mausoleum 1 Mausoleum 2 mausoleum 3 mausoleum 4 mausoleum 5

1. How would you describe the wonder?

I would describe the wonder as being an ancient structure which beautiful design and architectural skills especially considering how long ago it was made.

2. What condition is the wonder in today?

The condition of the wonder today is nothing like it was many years ago due to many reasons that have happened throughout history.

3. How would it have looked differently in the past?

In the past the wonder would have been 147 feet and was mainly made out of marble, it also had a statue of a chariot on the top of it.

4. Who built the wonder and why?

The wonder was built Artemisia after her Husband Mausolus died, they both ruled the region of a total of 24 years. After Mausolus died Artemisia hired the best artists and sculptors to create the most amazing tomb in the world.

5. Where and when was the wonder built? How was it destroyed?

The wonder was built in the city of Halicarnassus which is in Turkey, it was built around 353 B.C and took a very long time for the artists and sculptors to build.

6. What is your opinion on the original design?

In my opinion the original design is magnificent and I can see how much effort the artists and sculptors put into it, I love the way it looks and how tall it is impresses me even more.

Research Of 3D Graphics

Feature length film –

A good movie that contains 3D graphics of some ancient wonders is called 5000 years of magnificent wonders: Ancient Rome. Using computer animation the movie takes viewers back to the glory days of Rome to explore some ancient structures and wonders.

TV Series –

The lost treasure of ancient is a great TV series that explores the whole world and goes to many countries like India, Greece and many more. It shows all the wonders in beautiful 3D graphics in its formal glory.

5000 years of magniffiecent wonders


Total war is a game that allows you to place down amazing structures and many wonders of the ancient and modern world, I can see many techniques used to make the wonder such as extruding and Booleans as well as simple techniques like duplicating.

total war 2


Pyramids of Giza-

The Temple of Artemis at Ephesus-

Statue of Zeus-

Colossus of Rhodes-—The-Colossus-of-Rhodes.html Hanging

Gardens of Babylon-

Development Of My 3D Model

By using my research as inspiration I decided to make a 3D model of the Temple of Artemis, throughout this section of the post Iwill be showing you my development of the 3D model.



I started off the development of my 3D model for the temple of Artemis by drawing out a picture I found on the internet beforehand, I used the same picture in my research which you read earlier in the blog. I simply drew this drawing in my sketch book with a pencil, it didn’t take long but its the best way to start a 3D model because it help you come up with ideas and develop more, also its cheaper and quicker than doing it all on a computer.



Shortly after I drew the sketch, I went straight into Maya and started developing my temple, I decided to start off with the steps at the bottom of the temple, I did this because it would allow me to have the right size and shape for the base of the temple itself. I made these steps using cube polygons and simply made them bigger and used the duplicate tool.



After I made the base/steps I decided to make the pillars because I was making the temple from the bottom to the top, most people would make the pillars by simply using a cylinder polygon however, because I live life on the edge I decided to make one flat face then duplicate them round so many time it forms the shape of the cylinder, this is because the actual temple pillars were the same way, this allows my temple to be more realistic and life like. The base of the pillar is just a torus duplicated 3 times.



After i made the pillars I decided to make the parts just above it, I aimed to make my temple as detailed and realistic as I possibly could so I added cylinders across the wall which is meant to be the patters on the temple, I also added lines going inside the side of the roof, I did these by using the boolean tool which allows you to put a shape inside another shape and delete it.



After, I started making the roof, I did this by making a cube then making it really flat and wide, I would then add an inside edge loop going through the middle of the cube, I then selected the edge and moved it up creating the shape of the roof that you can see on the pictures above. After I decided to add the small statues at the top of the roof to add to the detail.



This is what my model looks like, I decide to add a limestone texture because it was used a lot back then and a very good material too, I like the texture because I think it makes it more realistic however in some parts its quite blurry.



After I textured it I decide to add some ground below the texture, I just made it really simple covering the whole grid and the n I went through many textures like stone, sand, rock, but I decided to go with the most basic option, grass. Some of the grass textures were very blurry but I decided to go for the one you can see in the picture above.



Here is a very basic render of my model, this is not the finished version you will see that next in case you are really excited. But I thought the grass might not work and the sky would need some work, so I kept playing about and seeing the best option.

Final Design- 


After my final render, I saved the image then imported it into photoshop, I went with the grass ground however, I thought it would be much better if I deleted the ground on Maya then just use an image as the ground which you can see above, I also added sky above it then finally added two rocks on the side to make it seem more realistic, in real life these temples would be built at one of the highest points overlooking the city/town, which is exactly the impression I tried to give off in my final design.


In this evaluation I will be discussing my strengths and weakness throughout this unit. Overall, I felt the unity went well and I did good in a lot of things however, it is not perfect. First I will be discussing what went well, I feel that my model went very well and is the best model I have made so far and im very proud about it, I thought my model had a lot of detail and was very realistic. Another thing that I thought went well within this unit was my research, I feel that my research had a lot of detail and answered all the questions however, it is not perfect.

On the other hand, there are some things within this unity that I could have done m=better for example, I think my renders could have been better I feel that I could’ve used more tools and played around with it more, basically I feel I should have spent more time on my renders for the model, I also feel that I didnt spend enough time of the 3D Graphics research, I should’ve done more types of media like adverts for example.

If I had the chance to do this again thee would be many things that I would improve on for example, I would sort out my timing and how long I spend on each part of the unit. I woud also do a bit more at more, I did do all my research at home but I fell that if I did some of the model at home maybe I would have enough time to fix stuff or improve things or maybe even work on other lessons.

Overall, I feel that the unit went very well and im very happy with what I do, like I have said its not perfect but I know I tried my best and im happy about that.

By Scott Willoughby