Sample Library – Sound For Games

Sample Library


Volume 1 Volume 2
Reference Number Source Time (ms) Manipulation Usage
1 MAC 70 I changed the eq, made it smaller and added a bass amp to it. This was used as the introduction of the music to add a bit of suspense.
2 Mouse Click 110 I made the sound smaller and changed the eq, I also added a distortion to it. This was used as background sound affects, it might not be the biggest change but can make a nice difference overall.
3 Scanner 50 I added a DirMix effect to it and also changed the eq, I made it smaller as well as flexing it a small bit. This creates a futuristic sci fi sound which I really like and it adds to the emotion and affects of the sound.
4 Switch 80 I added a pshift and changed the eq as well as making it smaller. The switch is another really small sound bit makes a really nice change to the overall music,
5 Typing 40 I have added a DirMix again because I like what it does I also changed the eq. The typing was aimed to sound creepy/scary kind of like the noise a rattle snake would make.
6 Ruler 40 I changed the eq setting made the clip smaller and flexed it a tiny bit, I also added an expander to it. The ruler sound was aimed to sound like a spring which is did, the noise added fun and enjoyment to the overall music which s why I used it specifically.
7 Door I changed the size of the clip and the eq as well as adding a FAT eq to it. The door is a squeaky noise, which I tried to relate to a girl screaming, or a very creepy noise.
8 Lights I added an averb to this I also changed the eq The lights are a really small sound but make a huge difference to the overall music.
9 Tape I added an autofilter to this sound I also changed the size and eq. The tape was used as another small yet creepy noise throughout.
10 Tapping I added a distortion to this sound to improve the quality, I also changed the eq and size of the sound. The tapping was used to sound like a deep piano which will add suspense and intensity.

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