3D Modelling – Flash Gordon

Flash Gordon


 Comic Research-



Flash Gordon is a British Science film made in 1980 based on the comic strip Flash, which shares the same name, created by Alex Raymond. The film was directed by Mike Hodges, produced by Dino De Laurentiis, screenplay by Lorenzo Semple Jr, story by Michael Allin and the famous music was made by rock band queen. The film was distributed by Universal Pictures and was released on December 5th 1980, the film lasted for a total of 115 minutes and was made with a budget of $20 million. The film in total grossed well above its $20m budget grossing $27m in North America and £14m in United Kingdom, overall it performed very well in the UK, it also performed well in Italy because of 2 famous Italian actors who took part in the film. Finally, the film was nominated and won many awards for example, it was nominated for 3 BAFTA’s and 3 Saturn awards it was also nominated for the 1st Golden Raspberry award however the award was for worst actor, which went to Sam J Jones.


Flash Gordon had a lot of qualities within the film for example it was recognized really well for its music, even today the music is still famous known especially with films such as TED including Flash within certain

Scenes of their film. The music was made by rock band Queen that obviously is massive. Another quality that people recognised really well when they thought of Flash Gordon was the costume that he wore, it was very well recognised at the time, it was nominated for 2 best costume awards and a best art design award so obviously it was well known for its costumes and artwork.


The directors, publishers and producers had many intentions when making the film however, the main intention was obviously to deliver a successful entertaining experience like the comic books did for people all around the world. They also intended to deliver an intense and action packed film just like the comics with a lot of violence. The target audience of the film was for mainly teenagers and maybe adults, however, the film could be enjoyed by a much wider audience which is evident with its millions of people who paid to watch the film.


What We Are Developing-

As a group we decided to make 5 scenes from the comic book Flash Gordon, we decided we would make these scenes by  combining both 3D and 2D by using a variety of sources and programs and using research to aid us in the process of developing.

The 5 scenes we are designing are…


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