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3D Graphics Research

Jurassic Park (1993)-  

Quality– The film Jurassic Park is a very famous film especially because of its CGI, the film had many outstanding qualities. For example, the dinosaurs in the film look very realistic this is because they actually made the dinosaurs. Another factor that is great about this film in my opinion is that the movement and animation of the dinosaurs is very smooth and it flows well the environment. You can tell that the studio who made this film put a lot of time and effort into researching and learning about dinosaurs in order to help improve the film when it comes to the modelling and animating of the dinosaurs.

Context- The film was made on the 19th of June 1993, it was made in Washington DC by a director called Steven Spielberg in fact, he directed all of the Jurassic Park films. In the end the film took $63 million, which is a lot of money especially for the time it was made as back then 3D graphics and CGI were just being introduced into film. The graphics were made by using programs such as PowerAnimator and Animator also referred to as simply alias which is in fact the precursor to what is now Maya and StudioTools this was a highly integrated industrial animation, 3D modelling and visual effects suite.

Intentions- Jurassic Park had a wide target audience, it was specifically made for one type of person, it was mainly made for teenagers to adults however, children could watch the film but it may not necessarily be suitable for some children. They also intended to make a very entertaining film for every type of person to enjoy and experience the very realistic film it is.


Walking With Dinosaurs (1999)

Quality– The film Walking With Dinosaurs has a lot of qualities to it, for example, the dinosaurs are very realistic with very good textures and models, the texture and environment adds an intense and realistic feel to the movie and gives you the sense that you are actually walking with dinosaurs.

Context- The genre of this film is that it is a documentary it was created by Tim Haines and directed by Tim Haines and Jasper James. The creative director was Mike Milne. The film was made in the United Kingdom. There is a wide variety of dinosaurs throughout this film for example, there were dinosaurs like Tyrannosaurus Rex, Utahraptor, Torosaurus and many more.

Intensions– The film intended to show the public what it would be like if you could go back In time and walk with dinosaurs, they intended to explore all of the different habitats throughout the dinosaur period and explore the wide range of dinosaurs that have been discovered over time. It was filmed in many different countries in order to capture all of the different environments and habitats for all of the dinosaurs.


King Kong (1933)

Quality- The film King Kong was made in 1933 so when it came to graphics and animation it obviously wasn’t the best because computers were not invented at the time, so the film was made by using a real life model of an ape and the real models were moved frame by frame, this is also known as stop animation. But obviously at the time this was revolutionary.  

Context- The film was directed by a man named Merian C. Cooper who also produced the film. Cooper had many other ideas before the film was finally created including both documentaries and dramas. The film made a lot of money because at the time it was very hard and expensive to find animals, as zoo’s back then were not as popular or common also there wasn’t as many animals in zoo’s back then. Therefore, having animals in your movie attracted a very large audience as there was a big market for it where you could earn a lot of money.

Intentions– The film was made with a target audience of adults who may or may not have been ready for the meta fictional meditations and they wanted to show that and ape can fall in love with a woman.


King Kong (2005)  

QualityThe new King Kong film was made in 2005 and in terms of its quality it was miles ahead of the original king kong that was made in 1933, this is because of the massive leap in technology especially within the entertainment industry. King Kong is now a fully animated model and was very detailed as well as realistic. Also King Kong wasn’t the only realistic beat there was many more different creatures that were beautifully animated and all very realistic. The film followed the same story as the 1933 version but captured in beautiful picture.

Context- King Kong was directed and co written as well as produced by Peter Jackson, its stars many actors like Jack Black, Adrien Bordy and Andy Serkis. The film at the start performed lower than expectations however, after a while it started to gain a massive profit after a while and gained a $100 million from DVD’s alone, overall it turned over $500 million and became the 4th biggest selling game of all time in Universal Pictures and won many awards, so overall the film was a massive success.

Intentions– King Kong was directed by someone who was very passionate about the film, Peter Jackson watched the film when he was 12 years old in 1933 and loved it in fact it made him cry, he tried to re-create the film at home but eventually gave up so he was very passionate about the film. He intended to share the same experience however for the modern day public to enjoy with modern day technology which would make the film a much better experience than it was in 1933.


ToyStory (1995)

Quality- The 3D graphics within Toy Story are very good, especially for the time the first one was made, they focused to make the graphics cartoony and therefore did not focus on realism and trying to make the characters realistic, this film really created a revolution within the movie industry and created a better future for film. Rex the dinosaur is a very simple character as he is only a toy dinosaur so realism was not a problem when making Rex. Also, I feel that Rex has a very good texture and you can really see the scales on his reptile-like skin making the character look much more detailed.

Context- The film Toy Story was released in the year 1995 and became the first fully animated movie of all-time. The film cost $30m to make however, it made over $361m and it was also the top-grossing film on the opening weekend. It had lots of famous and well-known actors most notably Tom Hanks.

Intentions- The film intended to change the film industry and make people believe fully animated movies are possible and change people conceptions about movies and the movie industry, on top of that there was also make a big profit and gain lost of money. The intended target audience was adults and teenagers, they intended to make the film enjoyable and intense for both children and adults.


Ice Age Dawn Of Dinosaurs

Quality- Ice age movies have always been a huge success and dawn of the dinosaurs was no different, the film has great 3D graphics and animations. The film has great colour to it and is very vibrant, it has a lot of warm colours unlike the usual cold gray colours. This is because its moved to a more warm and sunny climate in the age of dinosaurs.

Content- Ice age dawn of the dinosaurs was directed by Carlos Saldanha and Mike Thurmeier who was the co-director. It was produced by Jason Carter Eaton, the movie was released on July 1st 2009 and the movie lasted 94 minutes long. Ice age dawn of dinosaurs cost a total of $90m to make and turned over a box office of $886,686,817

Intentions- The producers decided to go with a ‘what if adventure’ and take a bit of a risk or a dive with the third instalment of the ice age series which has proven to be very successful in the past.


Journey To The Centre Of Earth 

Qualities– Journey To The Centre Of The Earth is a 3D science adventure fantasy film and has great 3D, the film is actually filmed in real life except for the dinosaurs and other creatures and the environment. The film is directed by Eric Brevig and produced by Beau Flynn and Charlotte Huggins.

Content– Journey To The Centre Of The Earth began filming in 2006 the film grossed a total of $21m and in its first week it made a total of $7m, it also had very strong DVD sales. It made a total revenue of about $25m and overall the film was a great success.

Intentions- The makers of the film intended to show the world their skills when it came to 3D graphics and aimed to produce an entertaining and enjoyable all-round film. Obviously a main-intention was to make money and make a massive profit from the film once it got released.

220px-Center_of_the_earth_3d JCE03

Why I chose my dinosaur

Through plenty of research on the internet and using other sources like the library and books I have decided for this project I have chosen a dinosaur called Hylaeosaurus, I chose this dinosaur because it looks very interesting and I love the way it looks, I think it will give me a good challenge when it comes to modelling it in Maya which is great for improving my 3D Modelling skills. I love how the dinosaur has tooth like spikes all over its back which in my opinion makes it look much more lethal and scary. Because of the research that I found out using the internet and many websites like national history museum I found out a lot of interesting information about the Hylaesaurus, for example, the Hylaesaurus is 5m in length which is reasonably big, and it is predicted to have lived about 135-150 million years ago also, it was founded in England, United Kingdom by someone called Richard Owen in 1841 it was one of the 3 fossils identified as dinosaurs by him. Overall, I think this is a great choice and an amazing decision I am also looking really forward to modelling this dinosaur and hopefully all goes well.

Hylaesaurus Research

After choosing the Hylaesaurus as my chosen dinosaur for this project and started to do some research using the internet about the unique dinosaur to find out more information about the dinosaur itself so when it comes to modelling and drawing the dinosaur I would have a better understand of the Hylaesaurus therefore it will improve the quality of the model overall. The Hylaesaurus was one of the first dinosaurs ever discovered it was founded in the 1832 in England by Gideon Mantell and Richard Owen, the dinosaur is thought to have lived about 136 million years ago in the late Valangininan stage of the early Cretaceous period of England. It was first discovered in West Sussex on 20 July 1832 after a gunpowder explosion had demolished a quarry rock face in Tilgate Forest in which several of the boulders contained bones in. A local fossil collector assembled about 50 pieces, someone called William Clift was the first to discover that it had spikes on its back as part of its body armour.


Tools and terminology used

Extrude- This tool is used to grab one face and extend it out of its original shape creating an extension as well as bridges between the original face and the new face. 

Insert Edge Loop- This tool is used to insert extra edges onto a shape, this is used because adding more edges to a polygon will increase the many ways you can edit and change the shape itself. 

Vertex Move- By going into side view this allowed me to grab certain vertexes and maneuver them into a positions so it looks exactly like the images on the view board thats been imported into Maya.

Smooth Tool- This tool is used to smooth out all polygons making the model look much better, for example if you get a normal cube and smooth it out it will basically turn into a sphere. 

Scale Tool- Allows you to scale different objects which allows you to change the size, width, height etc. 


Picture 1

After I have imported my drawing of the dinosaur into Maya, I would them proceed to model over the picture which is what you can see on the image above. I started out as a simple cube then used the vertexes and dragged them into the shape and position of the drawing of the dinosaur.

Picture 2

This is what my dinosaur looked like after I had finished modeling over the side view of the dinosaur, after this stage I would then proceed to start work on the face and the top etc. I would do this because I need to make the model look just like the model.


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