Games Design – Maze Game

Research – What Makes a Great Maze Game?

Within this section of research I intend to find out what makes a great maze game, I will be looking at key factors such as what genre/type, target audience, as well as the story. I will also be looking at what elements in a simple maze game must be included and what the main elements are. I will be doing my research through using many sources like the internet, library, books, magazines, video games and much more.

maze game

Through using the Internet I have researched various successful video games that have been made in the past, this is so I can use what’s good about the game and add on to it as well as improve it. An example of a great maze game is pac-man, which is a classic and is very famous within the gaming industry however, this does not quite tell us what makes a great maze game. There are various types of maze games within the genre like first person, 3rd person, open top, grid capture, chase and many more I’m looking to make my maze game a fun 3rd person maze game so I decided to research games within in this genre type.  Target audience is also another important factor when making a simple maze game, the target audience can depend on the type of game for example, if you’re are doing a maze game full of princesses and unicorns your target audience may be young females. Target audience is important because it enables you to concentrate on a smaller amount of people allowing you to focus and succeed more when it comes to making games as well as updating your game.


When it comes to making a video game especially one as simple as a maze game there are a lot of key elements that make a good game, one element may be a small thing however, having lost of elements will improve your game and the more elements you have the better your game will be. Through research on the internet I have found out a wide variety of elements that can be put into your game to make it even better. Dr Steven Reiss has a table of what he think are the 16 motivators to what makes a human happy, I believe these can be used within making a game to make your audience happy, here is the table below.

human motivators

Within this table there is a wide variety of motivators which are believed to make a human being happy, some of these motivators can be included in a video game for example, one of the motivators is to collect or for a human to collect certain items or objects or even collectables. As im sure you know collectables are included in a lot of video games and will also be implemented within my maze game this is because by having collectables it gives the player something fun to do as well as trying to complete the level itself for example, Mario games have coins that you can collect which can also lead onto rewards, which leads onto my next element. Rewards is a great element to be included in your game because one thing that makes humans happy is winning and being successful but having a reward at the end makes them twice as happy. Rewards are in pretty much every successful game made is a very important element when it comes to making a good game. Another element that is important for making a good maze game is power, this is one thing that can make a human very happy and at times maybe too happy which is why you can never have enough power in a video game. When it comes to games power can add to the joy factor a lot and make your game much better. So, adding power to my maze game could be as simple as power ups, which could just increase my speed or even make me bigger/stronger. An example of a good game that includes power ups is Mario where there is various power ups but one is where you can increase the size of Mario and make him stronger and more powerful. So elements will be a very important factor when it comes to making my games and I should include all the ones listed above.


When it comes to making a good maze game all these factors and elements that I mentioned above are very important and can change your game for the better. When it comes to making my maze game I will think about things like target audience, elements, genre/type and more and this will help with factors like designing my characters or environment or even making the menu everything I mentioned is very important.

Research – What Main Characters Are There? And What Makes Good Character?

 When making my maze game I need to put a lot of thought into creating and designing my character, this is because the main characters within the game as well as other characters are very important and good make or break a game. This section of research will be useful for designing my character, as I will be finding out what makes a successful character and other small factors that go into making a good main character in a video game.

Through research on the internet I came across a survey that gamestop posted which asked the question “what makes a good video game character” a lot of people said that they prefer to see the character as themselves not an actual virtual thing. For example outlast has this where you can’t really see the character. You see this in a lot of first person games however, people said they prefer it when they never learn about the main character so he doesn’t talk or have a name that way it feels more like you. It will be impossible to apply this to my maze game but it will be something to think about when making games in the future.


Another thing that makes video game characters great is that they can make some kind of connection with the audience that way there is a better chance the target audience will enjoy playing as him/her. An example of this could be Nathan Drake form the Uncharted series which is an incredibly successful exclusive series on Playstation. One of the reasons for this is because of the character, all though there are other characters than just Nathan Drake he has an incredible likeability about him where the audience just instantly connect with him. This could be for many reasons like appearance, story, background and many other reasons.

nathan drake

So if I want to make a successful main character in my maze game or any other game in the future I should include all the factors and elements above. This is because it will make my game much more popular and successful overall.

Synopsis Of My Initial Game Idea 

For my maze game I initially wanted to make a 3rd person game and make it a fun hilarious cartoony type game. I ran through loads of ideas like snakes, bugs, robots and much more however, I ended up thinking of a really fat man that rolls around picking up cake.

A had a lot of inspirations for this idea the main one is the Simpsons game where there are small parts of game where you can play as Homer who’s power is to turn into a big fat ball and roll around smashing everything in it path. I had a few other inspirations like fat princess and octodad. My idea for the environment at the moment is a supermarket and the character has to roll through lots of isles to find as much cake as he can. The will be different power ups as well like adding on time and faster movement. The objective is to pick up all the cake before time runs out. Also my target audience for this game is young people this is because it’s a fun cartoony game and it might not appeal to adults however, it will also make for a fun family game too so in that aspect it will appeal to some adults.

homerballhomerball 2fat princessoctoadad supermarket
Overall what I hope to achieve with my maze game is to deliver a fun, family friendly experience through all the players and give an overall great experience that ticks all the boxes to be a good game.


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